Ramsdell Village Hall

Ramsdell Church and Village Hall is ready to host all your events and get togethers within the community.

View from the road into the new entranceway to the new Village Hall. There are cones to either side of the entrance and pale prangey yellow hardcore surface down. A small digger can be seen through the open builders gates. A large tree overhangs its branches from the right of the entrance
Entrance to the new Village Hall site (courtesy of Hazelgrove Builders)

New Build

A brand new Village Hall is currently under construction. Boasting more space, a lovely kitchen, and disabled access, the new Village Hall will serve the Ramsdell community for years to come.


We are still looking for support and donations for the new Village Hall and the ongoing upkeep. Please consider making a donation to keep the Village Hall New Build on track for supporting the community.

foundations and very low walls starting to be built with the steels evenly spaced around the circumference. There are trees around the border of the site
Front view looking into the main hall
the old ramsdell viallage hall. This is a wood clad cabin style building with three concrete stpes and a handrail up to two pvc doors in a porch. Th grouns around it is a mixture of gravel and grass

Available for Hire

The Village Hall is available to hire for events all year round.

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