A rendered image of the new Ramsdell Village Hall. The image shows an L shaped building made of wood panelling and brick with large glass windows and sliding doors. The roof is grey slate with solar panels. The pathway leading to the entrance is flat and surrounded by grass. Mature trees surround the plot. There is a small porch over the main entrance.
Render of the new Village Hall

£700,000 raised so far

To date we have raised £700,000, including a £50,000 loan.
Our target is £750,000 and this remains our goal.
Our funding gap, including loan repayment, is £65,000.

We are aware of some technical difficulties with our online donation portal at the moment. This is unfortunately out of our control but will be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you would like to donate please email us at

Funding has come from a variety of supporters for whom we are incredibly grateful. They include:

  • The villagers and local community who have donated through our Buy-A-Brick scheme. This has raised £96,000 so far which includes gift aid. You can still Buy-A-Brick using the QR code below.
  • The Greenham Trust, one of our first supporters, donated £5,000 to get the project started. When we received planning permission they pledged a further £95,000 in matched funding which we were able to fully unlock with the villagers’ donations.
  • We successfully applied and received £75,000 from Basingstoke & Deane from the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF). The LIF is specifically set up to support projects which support the communities around and within Basingstoke. In 2020 we also received a grant of £10,000 to help keep village halls afloat during the Covid pandemic.
  • The Hampshire Community and Heritage Fund supported by Hampshire County Council awarded us a grant of £37,500.
  • We have also received kind and generous donations from local land owners, businesses, and residents living within and around the village. Without them this project would not have got off the ground. These donations currently amount to £321,600.

You can still make personal donations to the Ramsdell Village Hall construction fund by clicking the donate button or scanning the QR code below. Donations from £10 up to £10,000 are possible and anything you are able to donate is greatly appreciated. All donors will have their names engraved on a plaque in the New Village Hall to show our appreciation and gratitude. All donations are welcome and vital to helping us complete the project by Spring 2022.

In order for the committee to sign the building contract a small group of families in the village jointly provided a £50,000 loan. We will need to pay the loan back from donations or income as soon as the new hall is established.

As is often the case with new build projects additional unforeseen costs have been incurred. This means that we have a funding gap of approximately £110,000. The primary reason comes from the need to move the traffic calming pinch point from its current location to one nearer the crossroads. Not only will the work cost £25,000, but the associated legal costs, drawing up of contracts and guarantees with HCC, extra drawings and specialist reports and assessments have incurred a further £15,000 in fees.

If you are able to make a donation, please use the button or QR code below. Any and all donations are hugely appreciated.

If you’d prefer to donate with a cheque please use the form to the right. Hand it to a Trustee or use the contact form to get a postal address to send it to.

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Hampshire county council logo. Text to the right in black with Hampshire bigger and on its own line abpve county council. The log is to the left with the tudor rose in white and red with a black brown atop it